8 Is Your Audience Hungry?

How to Keep Producing Great Content

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They like you.  They really like you.  Now what?

Let’s say you’ve worked patiently to attract an audience on your blog, Facebook page, Twitter feed, etc., and you’ve succeeded.  Congratulations.

Now, you’d like to keep on sharing great content with your followers.  That’s what brings them back, hungry for more.  But you have only so many hours in the day.  How do you feed them every day?

Great ideas for creating content that satisfies:

  • Content can be curated.  You don’t have to create everything you post.  Content Marketing Institute points you toward 6 Strategies to Add Value With Your Own Commentary.
  • Content can be generated by your followers.  Edelman Digital gives you Five Ways to Obtain Rich User-Generated Content.
  • Content can be quick–if you’re prepared. ProBlogger tells you how to combine quantity and quality.
  • Content can be translated from business for a nonprofit audience.  (That’s one of my specialties.  If you’d like to know more, look for the hashtag #ispeaknonprofit on Twitter.)



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